13 Extreme Date Ideas

Ever wanted a unique and extreme experience with your date? Here are 13 extreme date ideas that will let you and your date be amazed and enjoyed.

  1. Interpretive Dance

Interpretive dance means channelling and translating your inner most feelings into an ad-lib dance routine to emotive music that’s completely conceived on the spot. Perfect for couples with a wacky sense of humour who aren’t afraid to get as loose as a goose.


  1. Indoor Rock Climbing

Channel your inner Spiderman and race each other to the top of a rock climbing wall. It’s not weather-dependent either.


  1. Jelly Wrestling

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted or lilly-livered. Don your most awful ensemble or alternately turn up conspicuously lacking in attire. This is best done with the aid of your date’s backyard, a kiddy pool and about 200 packets of Aeroplane jelly.


  1. Foods of the World

I could eat ramen and sushi while watching old Samurai movies. An ideal treat for two after a long working week.


  1. Skinny Dipping by Moonlight

This is one for the bold, or young at heart. You are guaranteed to have some kind of special moment out there on the water.


  1. Salsa Lesson

Get those hips moving and take some Salsa lessons together. It’s a sure way to get the passion going between you.


  1. Have a ‘Ghost’ moment together

Why not take a pottery class together and have your very own special Ghost-inspired moment. Cue romantic music and dim lights. Oh the romance!


  1. Go on a tour

Most cities in Australia have a quirky tour of some kind. Melbourne has a street art tour and Sydney has a ghost tour. Or you could get freaky and make up your own.


  1. Swim with Sharks

There are two types of people in the world. Those who would jump into a pool with hungry sharks and those who wouldn’t, which one are you? Me? Forget it.


  1. Bungee Jumping

Hurtling off the side of a mountain with only a paltry elastic harness to protect you from certain death, will reveal a lot about you to your date. But hey, why let blind terror get in the way of a good time?


  1. Karaoke

Warm up your vocal chords together and have a whole lot of fun in the process. Warning, may entail prodigious amounts of alcohol.


  1. Tantric yoga

Tantric yoga is all about harnessing and channelling your sexual energy. Explore your sexual prana together and light up all of your chakras like a Christmas tree along the way.


  1. Go to the cinema… but see something different!

Now if you’re going to do a cinema date, make sure it’s a film that’s going to knock your socks off. This has to be extreme, remember? It could be an artsy, avant-garde film or one that is full to the brim with action.


Isn’t these dates extreme? Well, these are just some of my ideas. There are still many more extreme date ideas out there. Do try to be creative and don’t stay on the usual date activity of having a dinner. Happy dating!






HOW TO ENJOY YOUR DATE THE EXTREME WAY: Get to Know More About Each Other Better

One of the most simple dates are being held in restaurants and bars. And to make it count most, you will have to rely on reservations too. Not much to talk to especially if you are a first timer, or simply just did the dating to charge it to your experience. But what really matters is, that you and your partner get along with each other – smoothly. And to do the most daring thing and the most extreme one of a kind date, you will have to consider few things ahead.

First of all, money. Yes, it does count. Money will be your medium to get everything you want for the date. Second, your time. You must think and pick a perfect time where you are out of office or simply just enjoying your day off. So now we can talk about the part where you get to choose what kind of date you will both be having. You can choose two distinct subject about this matter. To be on water, which means you will have to go out together like renting a yacht and enjoy the evening while fishing or having dinner on it. Or, you can choose to go green, which means you will do your date together by camping or going out to the wilderness.

Such options require enough resources from you, which is mostly about money. But, you will not have to worry about it, for the real best thing is, you skills to do things within the two options. You can get to impress your partner by showing off your skills like making fire from scratch when camping, or go fishing and displaying your fishing skills. If you are out of skills regarding those options, you can always learn about them from the internet.

5 Best First Date Venues in London

As if first dates weren’t stressful enough, the last thing I want to do is end up spoiling the evening with my special someone by going to the wrong places at wrong times. Nobody needs big dance floors and strobe lights when I’m looking for an intimate conversation from Speakeasy bars to something a little bit different. I’ve got it covered. If I’m looking for the perfect place for my first date, here are my most recommended London date venues.

  1. Ice Bar London

Carefully carved out of the purest ice and maintained at a crisp -5°C, Ice Bar is the UK’s only cocktail bar permanently frozen solid. There’s no half measures here. All walls, bars, tables and even your own personal glasses are skilfully sculptured using ice from the glistening waterways of the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.


  1. London by Night Open Top Bus Tour

Capture the magic of the world’s greatest city at night aboard the London by Night Tour. The tour will reveal the floodlit splendour of London’s landmarks as dusk falls. When twilight descends upon London, the attractions of the city become imbued with a certain grandeur. This sweeping, wide-ranging tour will encompass the most distinguished and vibrant areas of this world renowned capital, including Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and the financial district of the City. The tour also glides past eminent structures and attractions such as the world renowned London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, inimitable Buckingham Palace, the formidable Tower of London, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Embark upon this tour and discover the extraordinary allure of London at dusk.


  1. Craft Cocktail Co

Self-described as a “craft cocktail factory”, expect a range of innovative and beautifully crafted drinks to satisfy even the biggest cocktail fanatic. With an industrial vibe, the bar has two distinct parts. On the first floor mezzanine, you can sit back and watch the hum of the bottling machines as Craft Cocktail Co. dishes out bottled concoctions for restaurants, pubs and private events effectively taking A-Grade cocktails to the masses. Downstairs in the bar you can then enjoy all these wonderful libations by the glass so you won’t miss out on any of the fun. I sure had fun in this place with my friends.


  1. The Jones Family Project

Situated in the heart of bustling Shoreditch and within strolling distance of Old Street station is The Jones Family Project, an adaptable restaurant and bar venue open from breakfast to midnight and perfect for both work and play. The folks at Jones’ ethos is simple. They’re out to ensure everyone that steps through the door enjoys sumptuous food and drink in a warm and accommodating atmosphere to get the good times rolling. The interior is slick, clean cut and effortlessly stylish, with a whole host of versatile areas including two Pop Up areas that regularly change theme, offering plenty of excellent options for staging private functions of all shapes and sizes. I like the place.


  1. Searcys One New Change Champagne Bar

From a romantic lunch to a larger private event, Searcys can accommodate any sort of occasion and excels in both. With the ability to offer personal service that will wow guests and impress your date, they can also put on stunning champagne receptions and meals that will be a hit with all your guests. Stylish and sophisticated, this St Paul’s city champagne paradise comes highly recommended.


So, what are you waiting for? Have your date in one of these places!




What’s Your Motivation To Date?

Hey There! Tommy Araxia here! I’m a dating enthusiast and was also once a photoblogger. This is my new blog and I want you all to know that while I’m not a truthful dating expert, I have some few ideas that could help make your dating life a success.

So you ask me “Tommy, it’s just ideas, we can get it from anyone”. But not at all. The truth is daters don’t get so much useful ideas from other people. In fact, people just make suggestions. My idea is how to get those other people’s suggestions to work for you effectively. There are suggestions that would absolutely have great use, then there are others that depend solely on one of three things: timing, execution and quality.

Timing is essential in dating because if you’re dating someone who just came from a break-up, it would be better to lower your expectations. Everything you do may remind them of the same person they disliked. You would probably tear at yourself after you end up failing that date, but the fault is mostly not yours, but his or hers.

Execution is also essential. It’s similar to delivering a corny or overused joke. Sometimes, the delivery counts. If you use them too much, it can be annoying. Execution requires finesse and a certain level of confidence with the realization that you yourself believing that it will work. Execution is something that needs a little bit of work in people who have so many great ideas for their dates.

Quality is repeating the same activity and thing over and over your other dates. It’s not a great tool because it’s tiring and it’s probably boring you out than your date. And when you get bored, it shows. Your date senses something is wrong and that there’s something wrong with them and finally concludes that you and him or her aren’t truly compatible.

So one of these three things troubling you? For sure, or else you won’t be finding my blog via search engines and looking through my stuff. But these aren’t bad things, to be honest with you. You wouldn’t tell this with other people, but strangers like myself can help you because we won’t judge you and we can give you our honest advice that is no skin off our nose.

But before I can help you, you have to know your honest dating objectives. Do you want someone to date to have fun? Do you want to date someone because you want to know if they’re great for a long term relationship? Or did you want to date someone to know more about the lives of other people?

In short, are you looking for someone to fill the gap of loneliness in your heart? Because that would be wrong, to be honest. Nobody could fill that lonely void in your heart but yourself. Having someone with you is like having a partner in life who would help you but will never complete you.

Understanding these things allows you to have an open perspective about dating, specifically about the possible end results you might have during and after the date!